Zen and the Art of Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

First of all, welcome to my blog. Apparently there are some people in the world who think I am funny, have good advice, and am quirky enough to have a blog. One of my biggest quirks is probably my intense love of cleaning. Therefore, my first post is about the death of my vacuum cleaner. I am still grieving the loss.

Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form. — Rumi


So the story of the death of my vacuum cleaner begins when I moved into a house containing 2 long haired dogs and a long haired cat. The math here isn’t particularly hard, we’re talking about a lot of hair. My vacuum had previously lived a life of luxury where it occasionally vacuumed a carpet with a slight amount of dust and a smattering of random items from a hardwood floor. Once we moved to the new house, the vacuum and I knew this was war.

I can’t say the Bissell didn’t put up a hell of a fight, but eventually it gave out and two weekends ago it screamed (yes it screamed, there is no other way to describe the sound) as it died painfully. Smoke erupted from the drum and I knew it was over. The battle just got the better of it.

Good bye, sweet vacuum.

Conveniently it decided to die two days before PRIME DAY! I mean really, how could I be any luckier. So I woke up bright and early on Prime day, despite the fact that it didn’t start until 3pm, ready to shop. I had prepared what I was looking for. I wanted a Shark. It’s like a Dyson but it isn’t. I mean who has that kind of money to buy a Dyson anyway? As the clock struck 3 I went on a hunt. Alas, no Shark was on sale. Throwing my disappointment aside I bought the Shark I wanted.

So this is my review of the Shark Rotator Professional (fancy right?) Vacuum. This is my honest, having it for 2 weeks review, I am not getting any dollars or anything (unfortunately) so here we go. This vacuum actually does suck. It is a miracle. It tackled the hair pretty well. My only dilemma at the beginning was that I wasn’t forceful enough with my new apparatus. The whole thing snaps together, you just need to snap with some extra umph. I needed to practice my Bend and Snap technique. And if you don’t know the movie Legally Blonde, you probably aren’t long for this blog.


Anyway, once I actually pushed it together and everything clicked, I was off and running. Honestly it’s great and it seems like we will have a happy life together. I will again find my Zen in my art of vacuum cleaner maintenance.

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