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The Art of Jello Shots

I am 32 years old and before June of this year, I had never, ever, had a jello shot. Yes, please continue with your shock, it is appropriate.

Now, it is not within my person to half-ass (can you say that word on the internet?) anything. So, when my significant other (often referred to as Friend — capital to distinguish from just all other “friends”) said that we were bringing Jello shots to the family picnic.


I paused and finally realized that this was GENIUS! I set about finding the perfect recipe to create something that I had never even tried. As per usual Tasty came to my rescue, as they so often do, and I found a Gin and Tonic jello shot that was so freaking adorable my eyes about bugged out of my head.

Let me entice you with the finished product:


So I did some tweaking to the Proper Tasty Recipe so I will reveal those tips here.

1.) I used more Gelatin. I don’t really like super squishy things in general. So instead of using 4 sheets of gelatin, I used gelatin powder and used a full packet for each color.

2.) I used food coloring, the lemons and limes look more lime-y (see what I did there for this British recipe). A few drops (like 2) of gel food coloring get you a really long way.

3.) I heavy handed the gin. At the end of the day the recipe calls for a half cup, I just might have sloshed it a bit more.

4.) Be ready to stabilize your citrus shells. I would suggest putting them in muffin tins so they don’t fall over when you fill them.

Other than that, I think it’s a great and fun idea. Great to bring to the family picnic. All of the attendees over the age of 50 absolutely loved them.


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