The Art of Using a Microplane

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I nerd out over kitchen gadgets! Another one of my problems (anyone seeing a theme here?). One of my friends recently became the owner of a Microplane. Basically, just a small grater. Little did he know the tool he purchased was magical. I had a few tips for him so I figured I would share them with you!

First of all some technical deets:

What is a Microplane?

This is the microplane I have. (No, I don’t get any magical money from the seller.)

So that video is super basic. Here are a few ways I use my microplane.

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1.) I zest citrus into anything I can find, if I have citrus around. A little grate of lemon or lime zest pretty much adds acid to anything. Speaking of, I put lime zest in my Jack and Coke Jello shots this weekend. More info on that next time.

2.) I grate Garlic versus chopping it. I mean, come on, chopping garlic is basically miserable. It’s sticky. It gets everywhere. It’s just gross. So, if you use a microplane you get more of a paste which actually dissolves fairly well in most things. So not only do you not have to chop, you also aren’t picking garlic out of your teeth later. If any recipe ever calls for garlic paste, seriously– use a microplane, don’t chop it and then use salt as some kind of abrasive to break it down. No one has time for that.

3.) Grate fresh cheese. It will legitimately change your life. Seriously though. Buy a hunk of parmesan next time you’re at the grocery store. Whip up some pasta, or some box Mac and Cheese, I don’t judge, and grate some fresh cheese over it. I’m sighing right now thinking about it.

4.) Grate ginger with it. Other pro-tip, peel the ginger with a spoon. I cannot tell you how many times I cut off 1/2 the piece of ginger trying to use a knife. Anyway, once you’ve peeled your ginger with a spoon, like a professional, use your microplane to get a nice fine ginger. No more biting into a hunk of it in a recipe and wanting to die.

5.) This one is in the video but I back it up, use your microplane for chocolate. That low calorie frozen yogurt looks about a bazillion times better if you put some chocolate shavings on that sucker. Goes from diet to diet gourmet in like 2 seconds.

It’s just a shockingly helpful kitchen tool and I am a big fan!

Thanks for contacting support! ❤

2 thoughts on “The Art of Using a Microplane”

  1. re: peeling ginger…. i have legit chopped off pieces of my fingertips doing this. spoon henceforward.

    also – i need to know more about zesting options and what to use it in


    1. Please keep all of your fingers in tact. Also Zest goes in everything: Water, Cocktails, Jello Shots (of course), Pasta Sauce- Lemon Adds Freshness, any baked goods that are not chocolate (only need a pinch of salt there), salad, seafood, chicken, and above all on roasted vegetables!


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