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The Art of the Mystery Novel

I’ve been on a bit of a book binge lately. I have missed books so much and I am so excited that Audible lets me love reading again. Anyway, there are two books that I recently read that are in the Mystery genre. Those are Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie and The Word is Murder by Anthony Horowitz.

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First of all, Death on the Nile is such a classic. Agatha really knows how to lead me down blind alleys and makes me feel like a moron for not catching who really did it. I have read this book numerous times and I always enjoy it.

To be honest, for me, the art of reading a mystery novel is letting them confound, confuse, and mislead you. It is the whole point of letting them include you in a world of puzzles and locked doors. So… let them. This is why it is one of my most favorite books.

The second one is a bit newer so I’ll add a bit more. Anthony Horowitz is the guy who wrote a ton of stuff for TV like Foyle’s War. I mean, honestly, if I like Agatha Christie so much, of course I’m in to British mystery dramas. Who are we really kidding here? He also writes children’s chapter books too. Really, this guy is amazing. I love his work in general but his two novels Magpie Murders and The Word is Murder  have made me fall in love with contemporary mysteries again. I was starting to feel like Agatha was my only go to but I am hoping that this renaissance continues.

Anyway, both books by Horowitz really feature interesting perspectives from a publisher in Magpie and himself in The Word. I was intrigued from the beginning on both at how plots were twisted. As with any good Poirot novel, it all came out in a big dramatic scene at the end and as expected, I felt like I had been happily mislead and misdirected and felt like a total moron when all was revealed. It was friggin awesome. Both books are worth reading if Agatha Christie or watching all of these British TV Dramas.

Lots of stars for everyone! Check out all these books.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations! I *loved* Foyle’s War (and yes, of course, Miss Marple and the rest), so these sound like books I should check out!

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