Bullet Journaling

The Art of New Yearly Bullet Journals

So according to the person who came up with Bullet Journalining in the first place (Ryder Carroll) you are supposed to start a new bullet journal at the beginning of each new year.

IMG_4647.jpgI amazingly was able to end my previous bullet journal right at the end of 2018 so I was ready to go with my new teal Leuchtturm1917 notebook.

So I started with the traditional 2019 hello page. I then spent a fair amount of time going through what is quickly becomming one of my favorite end of year activities: Year Compass. It takes a few hours, but it is an awesome way to go through your previous year and really take note of went particuarly well, and what didn’t. It’s super theraputic and guess what– it’s free!

Once I was done with those two things I started with my 2019 calendar which you see above and jumped right into January. I jumped so far into January that a lot of my book was filled out with probably too much detail so I couldn’t take a video.

So, I took a video of February!

You’ll see a few new things like a nifty new layout with enough space not only for my daily schedule but my endless to-do list (where does it all come from). I also caught it before I had entered all the craziness that is about to happen in February (see next few blog articles about house buying!).

Hope you’re enjoying the first month of 2019 and that you’re planning on having a fabulous rest of it.

Thanks for contacting support! ❤