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The Art of House Buying: The Inspection

A New Year’s Eve home inspection with a septic inspection on the side for fun was probably not how I was expecting to spend the last day of 2018. I haven’t quite figured out why inspections are so terrifying.. especially for the person buying the house. Ultimately the Inspection is there to protect you as much as possible from buying a lemon. Yet, for some reason you feel like you are taking a test on how well you chose a house by looking at it one time.

As a side note, that is probably the craziest thing about this. A house purchase is probably the most expensive thing you’ll ever buy and you look at the house once maybe twice before hand. Doesn’t that just seem super strange.

So let’s recap so far:

  1. List of Wants – Check
  2. List of Locations – Check
  3. Relator – Check
  4. Budget – Check
  5. Open/Houses Viewings – Check
  6. Offer Put on House- Check
  7. Offer Accepted – Check
  8. Inspection –

So our Realtor scheduled our inspection. We scheduled the septic inspection for the same day as the main inspection. We called the septic system people on Christmas Eve and they answered. That was a regular ol’ Christmas miracle right there.

Anyway, we show up caffenated (sort of) looking pretty lost. We met the inspector before the Realtor got there. We were amazed at how much the inspector looks at everything. The outside, the logs (it’s a log cabin btw) on the outside, the plants growing outside the house, the walkways, the air conditioning systems, the windows — really everything. On the inside they test the water temperature, they see if your stove has an anti-tip mechanism (ours didn’t), they wiggle your toilets, and they even turn the heat up as high as it will go. It actually made me feel a lot better that someone was able to tell us a lot of what we would be dealing with at the beginning. I can’t say that crazy stuff isn’t going to go on later but at least for know we’re dealing with a tipping stove, a wiggiling toilet upstairs, and a dirty furnace (update: now cleaned). I can deal with that.

The septic guy came as well. I hope that is the first and last time I see the inside of our septic tank but I know that isn’t 100% likely. We found out where our leaching fields are and how it all runs down the big hill out in front of the house. All good there. The guy also seemed to genuinely like septic work– so kudos to him for that.

I think the art to inspections is to make the buyer feel like they are in control of the decision that they are making. This goes for the regular inspection peeps as well as the septic inspection peeps– you’re really just trying to make sure that the people you are working with are informed.

So I know you thought hearing about the septic system was super fun.. next stop.. the actual application for the Mortgage. Heaven help us all.

Thanks for contacting support! ❤

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  1. This was a great read!! Love your writing style and how you were able to interject humor into a septic inspection on New Year’s Eve!!


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