The Art of the Proposal

So a few weeks ago something pretty exciting happened. We got engaged! I am marrying my best friend. The ring is, of course, beautiful. However, this story is about how my (now) fiancé pretty much rocked out the proposal.

I am a workaholic. The concept of taking time off is fairly foreign to me. So, being told to take a day off of course causes a deluge of “but I can’t’s” because of “x, y, and z meetings.” Seriously. I am the worst. Despite all my fighting I was told to take a Friday off, only minor “but I can’t miss…” came out and were squashed.

Three years ago, we took a walk together at a local state landmark. It was more of a “hike” through the woods and was likely the place where we first got to know each other. We returned there often and specifically on our anniversary (of dating) in April. On this fateful Friday we were due to take our annual walk.

On the way there I was distracted by text messages from my Uncle who wanted to come visit with my cousin. With the new house we are often inviting people and hanging out so I was really 100% dedicated to that set of text messages.

As we started the walk, I was finishing up the set of text messages and we stopped randomly at the beginning and the boyfriend pointed at a tree where there was an envelope addressed to me. Queue the tears and all of the frantic trying to cover the tears up with random comments.

One of the envelopes attached to a tree with clothespins, ribbons, and twine.

The trip through the woods became a trip down memory lane as each card went through our three year relationship.

A few of the front of the cards which were hanging in the trees.

This was a 36 minute walk and it was definitely a little hard to hold it all together but it was really very sweet. However, being an overly crafty DIY’er I was dying to know how he made the cards, where he had them printed, and how he decided on how they looked. More on that later.

At the end of the walk, we ended up at the barn at the historical house. We normally attempt to take a picture with our dogs. Often we get an okay-ish picture with the dogs and a cute one of us without them. This year did not disappoint on that. After that craziness, he handed me the pile of cards. I of course had mixed up the order of 8 and 9 on the walk somehow despite me trying to keep them in the right order. He handed me a 13th card, which was a question mark. When you laid all the cards out together they asked if I would marry him. Total. points.

The cards aligned to spell out “the question.”

If one had to peg the art of the proposal. I think that my boyfriend totally nailed the art of it. Especially the art of knowing me as a person. For those who are curious, the cards were made by a pretty amazing graphic artist that he hired. Check our her work and a synopsis of the cards on her Facebook Page!

Here’s to wedding planning. More blogs to come.

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