Bullet Journaling

The Art of Bullet Journaling for May

As many of you know, I subscribe to the Boho Berry Box. To be honest, it’s one of the few things which helps me keep up with my journal. It basically takes the stress out of trying to “be creative.” It chooses my monthly theme and I am always enamored with what they come up with.

This month was Bees! It was so cute I decided to go “all in” on the yellow and black theme. I also really tried to use more of the washi tape that was included because I feel like I do it a disservice.

I also have stepped back my weekly layouts. I used to go to town on outlining boxes and desigining places for task. Blah. Too much work! I have simplified it down and I really feel like it’s actually more effective.

So much space for so many tasks!

Overall I am really happy with May. I even have plans to catch up on the weekends so that I am not stressed out about tracking or doing the Boho Berry Journaling Challenge.

Here’s the very messy “before-the-pen” flip through!

Thank you for contacting support! ❤