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The Art of Homemade Pesto

So at the beginning of the summer I had grand plans to grow things. My obsession with pesto caused basil to come at the top of my “to grow” list followed by things like arugula, parsley, oregano, lavender, and chives.

Meet my one success: Mr. Basil

This has continued to grow at some kind of insane pace all summer. I left it outside (and maybe left my fiancé to water it) but for the most part outside took care of it. Yes, I grew it from seed, maybe if I remember to document my seed growing next year I will write a bigger blog.

Anyway, from this came a pesto recipe. I swear I read 100 recipes online and was just overwhelmed by the ingredients and stuff in pesto that I neither had the patience nor inclination to buy. So here is my super easy, no nonsense (dry roasted pine nut craziness) pesto recipe when you’re tired and you want to eat.

Keegan’s Pesto Recipe

2 cloves garlic, pressed and minced (yes, I realize this is going in a food processor. Trust me.)
1 cup parmesan cheese (the shaky-cheese container works just fine)
2 cups basil (or more whatever makes you happy)

1/2 cup olive oil.
Salt and Pepper to Taste (If I could ever remember)

Literally put the garlic, basil, cheese and salt/pepper in a food processor and blend. Then pour in oil in the tube until it looks like pesto. Ta-da!

I opted out of adding specialty ingredients because if you have fresh basil this stuff is bangin’ without all the frills. Try it, honestly you’ll never miss the pine nuts or the trouble of pan toasting them.

Thanks for contacting support! ❤