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The Art of Buying Cleaning Products

I’m back! So, let me dose out some more reality. I have some mad love for cleaning products. In fact, my first post was about vacuum cleaners!

During college, I would purchase cleaning products from the dollar store. Still, to this day, I am curious where those products came from. The only one I ever knew was from a company out Georgia. I did phone support for that brand of cleaning products actually!

While heading into graduate school I realized that there is a whole world of products out there that were organic. Being a chemistry major, I rolled my eyes and was disillusioned with this whole “green cleaning/organic product” movement. And then Method products happened. Obsession is the only way to describe it.

I’m pretty sure I was just addicted to how it smelled but I would get frustrated because my beloved Target just didn’t seem to have enough method products to satisfy my need. Enter my new cleaning product dealer – Grove Collaborative. In full pusher form I have referred people and here’s mah link:

So Favorite Products with Links:

Laundry Starter Kit: Banish those big liquid detergent things.
Tree Free Paper Towels: They aren’t bounty…but they are green.
Dryer Balls: Bye bye pesky dryer sheets.

Honestly, these are now the only people who can fulfill my cleaning product needs. I even have a consultant for the product, her name is Jaime, and she signs thank you on each of my boxes.

Try it. It’s awesome.

Thank you for contacting support! ❤