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The Art of the At-home Pedicure

My happy place, besides a hot bath with a clay mask suctioning itself to my face, is getting a pedicure. What’s not to love about a massaging chair, nice smelling exfoliating scrubs, and someone massaging the crap out of your feet. Sure, the feet look awesome after the nail polish gets put on but it’s all about the preparation.

However, like the 80 year old that I am. I’d rather be at my house with “my shows” on watching the toe nail paint dry. So I began a quest to actually perfect my at-home pedicure. Here are the products I swear by. This being said, I need to be honest with myself. It never looks as good as it does when the professionals do it.

Those calluses, though.
Amope to the rescue! This rotating foot file is a life saver for gentle removal of the calluses. This sucker does eat batteries though, might want to consider the rechargeable one. #mistakes

I found this on Amazon (image linked)

Those cuticles, though.
Honestly the thought of taking any kind of scissor type object to my nails makes my brain hurt. So I basically just nail oil them and use a file brick in order to eliminate whatever I can without scissors.

Also on Amazon.. for 7 bucks.

All the pretty colors.
The paint colors that I use are pretty much all Essie and they are all from CVS. Not special just cheap-ish. Honestly it’s the easiest stuff. I am, dangerously venturing into more couture nail polish. Be afraid. I know I am.

Order of Operations
When I do a pedicure for myself, I mix together two of my favorite things. Bath time and foot beautifying.
1.) Run bath while filing with Amope above. Go to town, your feet can be totally ashy because, you’re about to take a bath!
2.) Take bath (Preferred face masks). In this case you can continue to file your feet with a pummace if you want.
Note I haven’t taken off any polish yet, because water is kind of death to nails and I’m lazy.
3.) Post bath, go ahead and take off the nail polish using whatever nail polish remover you like. New tip: Put oil around your nails and on your cuticles before the acetone to avoid angry skin. So far I’ve used this a few times and it seems to work.
4.) Use more oil and push your cuticles up, then use the block file to clean up the nail area.
5.) Base Coat, Color Coat, Quick Dry Topcoat
6.) Watch your shows while it dries fully.

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