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The Art of Bullet Journaling: 2020 Beginnings

I started bullet journaling in August of 2016. A coworker had mentioned the concept while chatting a few months prior to that. Since then, I have been keeping my agenda and information in a dot backgrounded notebook like a fiend. I might have also conned others into getting addicted like me and I am not sorry.

Moving from one bullet journal to another can be a bit difficult especially when Ryder Carroll, the founder of the bullet journal method, says you should. This is my third notebook move and I have some feelings.

1.) I never, ever (maybe once), used habit trackers. (Here’s a LOT of examples of Habit Trackers: https://www.bulletjournaladdict.com/collections/50-bullet-journal-habit-tracker-ideas/)

2.) I rarely, if ever used mood trackers. This is not to say that I shouldn’t, I’m just saying it was basically impossible for me to keep up with.

3.) I literally used my important addresses page like an addict.

4.) Yearly Logs and Monthly overviews are cool — for the 12 minutes I look at them while I make them.

5.) I lost a journal at a grocery store once, and I have found a trick for lists of items I need to buy.

6.) I love tracking tasks with the Alistair Method.

Basically what all this means is that in 2020, I am taking my bullet journaling down to the essentials – for me. Maybe it’s because I have to be more concerned with efficiency more at work but I’m thinking about this differently now. I decided to take everything back a step doing a bit of minimizing.

The Notebook

Having been a long time believer in the Leuchtturm 1919 notebooks, I must have lost my mind when I decided to make the switch over to a Scribbles that Matter. The ghosting and the thin pages of the LT (Leuchtturm) was fine for a while but I was getting frustrated by only being able to use certain pens. So far, although the STM (Scribbles that Matter) has less pages, it goes with my minimizing them. I also chose lavender as shades of purple are my wedding colors. ❤

The Collections

So the title page for 2020 is due to BohoBerry’s printouts– so cute! The main logs/collections that I focused on were Birthdays, Book/Podcast Log, and Important Addresses. That’s it. I really decided to only put in the items that I use quite a bit (addresses) and items which are more global. I realize this is totally against everything in bullet journal land but honestly the future log just didn’t do enough for me and I never looked at it– so it’s out!

Weekly Spreads

The monthly log has been banished. Now there is just a start page for the month and we jump right into the weeklies using the Alistair method! More information on this in another blog!

Here’s to 2020 and a new bullet journal! I am even doing a vision board workshop this weekend so we’ll see how it goes!

Thanks for contacting support! ❤

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  1. This is a level of organization I wish I could keep up with! Very impressive and inspirational 🙂


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